Sunday, November 22, 2015


We thought, thoroughly, before starting up this blog and different considerations popped-up in our heads before we actually pressed the button "create blog". However, our considerations seemed to take us always to the same direction: Yes, we should create a blog because what we are doing is, actually, extremely important and it should be shared and spread, as much as possible.
So, here it is: our first post.

And suddenly, in your head - the reader's head - the questions come: What are you doing, then? And who are you?

Let us, please, explain.

Our names and Egle and Marina, and we are teachers - progressive teachers! We both graduated this year at the International Teacher Training College, completing our Bachelor in Pedagogy, after four years studying at DNS - Denmark.
This blog will, indeed, explore relevant themes such as education, sociology, pedagogy, big issues of our time and other current global hot topics. Our purpose is to create a blog where will be possible to discuss relevant matters for all of us, global citizens, but also where we can share our experiences while teaching and - of course - learning.

However, the main idea of this blog - besides of all its political character - is to share our Africa Travel, our experiences, thoughts, considerations, tips, opinions, photos, and explain - always explain! - why travel can be one of the best pedagogical tools that can be used nowadays.

We started our journey on the 1st of November, 2015, and we will finish our journey on the 25th February, 2016. Since Denmark to Guinea Bissau. We are travelling by bus/caravan, with other twelve people - our students.

Marina will be the main writer of the blog, while Egle will be in charge of the Photography.

Please, sit down, take a cup of tea and let us take you to through this beautiful trip.

Egle and Marina

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