Thursday, November 26, 2015


Yesterday, we visited Marrakesh during few hours. Incredible! Both of us had been in Marrakesh in 2012 and it is impressive to see how big the differences are.
We entered in Marrakesh through the high way that comes from Casablanca, and it is revolting - at the same time than shocking - to see that Mc Donalds is one of the first things that one can see when entering in the city. Followed by Starbucks, H&M, Ibis,Western Union, Coca Cola, Shell, and so on.
Big Corporation took over the city! Dot.

It is interesting to think about the local economy and how big is the impact that these international and big corporations have on the area and for the local people. Are the local businesses asphyxiated by these global monsters? What about the local people, are they the ones who use these services? Or are these services made by and from tourists / foreign ?

With all these questions in mind, and the eyes full of an Europeanised Marrakesh it became difficult to appreciate the beauty of the place. However, we managed.
Marrakesh and its population are still beautiful. The modern and globalised world did not managed to steal the beauty of that place, and its traditions, and traditional costumes, and the tea smell, and the narrow roads, and the big and charismatic Medina.

Marrakesh still stands there. Strong and unique!

Inside the Medina, it is possible to see that the products are more directed to tourists than in Rabat's Medina (as well as the prices) however, it is possible to find people working on leather and on wood, and learn from them. It is also possible to find many crafts and hand made natural products, as well as to share a good laugh with the local sellers that try to speak all sorts of different languages. "Hola, Maria!", "Bonjour, ça va?", "Hi. Would you like to buy some spices?".

A beautiful and interesting place, that brings endless considerations about globalisation and its consequences.

Afterwards, we went back to the road and drove almost until Agadir passing the night in a gas station straight after the mountains. Right now, we write from Ait Melloul - since they have very good mechanics here and our bus needs a proper, professional touch.
If, at some point, you are around this area and you have a bus / caravan remember to visit this place. The address is: Sté, GARAGE MECANIQUE AIT MELLOUL SARL, Zone Industrielle Ait Melloul and ask for Hakim.

Marina and Egle

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